Monday, 23 January 2017

Hair Growth Treatment explained

When you start losing hair rapidly, it is time for you to take remedial action as in no time you will lose hair and become partially bald or completely bald. The causes for such rapid hair loss could be some illness, genetic condition or thyroid, and other hormonal imbalances or lack of nutrients. In any case, the remedial action you resort to should be able to prevent hair loss and also help in the regrowth of hair. That is what is termed as Hair growth treatment.

Home remedies for hair growth
Home remedies are safe and inexpensive and they produce good results if you are able to identify the underlying cause of the hair loss and use appropriate items like lemon, coconut milk, peppercorns and other items by making a paste or applying it directly to the scalp. Apart from using hair masks made of different items available in the kitchen and your garden, like hibiscus, which is also known as the flower of hair care depending on the problem you are facing, you could also try oil massage using vitamin E oil, Rosemary oil olive oil and others are some of the natural Hair growth treatment methods.

Hair growth treatment using products that are sold without prescription
A hair vitaliser which consists of natural herbs such as Bhringraj, Reetha, Amla and Lime, Shikakai are also very effective in promoting hair regrowth. There are also other products such as shampoos, lotions, and conditioners in the market, each one of it, addressing different problems that result in hair loss and helps in hair regrowth.  The vitalisers, shampoos, lotions and conditioners that are applied on the scalp to promote hair growth and arrest hair loss are classified as topical Hair growth treatment. Additionally, you also have tablets and liquids, which have to be ingested to Promote hair growth.

Hair growth using prescribed products
Products with Minoxidil and other such compounds are prescribed for topical use and oral supplements like Propecia or a combination of these products are also considered as an effective method to promote hair growth.

Hair growth using Laser and hair transplant
Using lasers to treat hair loss and the process of grafting hair in the bald areas are somewhat permanent solutions for hair loss treatment but they are costly and have their own set of limitations.

Treatment for hair loss varies from person to person, but you could reap the benefits of the treatment only if you follow a treatment that is suitable for the problem you have fairly regularly.